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Interior Decorator

An interior decorator will help you transform your interior without resorting to extensive works, by defining the right choice of furniture, proper color schemes and general aesthetics.

Reasons to get advice from an interior decorator

  • Interior decorators are experts of home arrangement and will bring a completely fresh look at your place: volumes, layout, choice of furniture.
  • An interior decorator will help you set up your furniture in a room and optimize your apartment surface, without having to pursue important renovations.
  • Decorators can perfectly choose colors and furniture corresponding to your personal taste.
  • An interior decorator knows how to match colors and materials in order to produce harmonious and creative layouts.
  • Your decorator has access to an extensive list of suppliers and decoration shops to get the best prices. By connecting you with skilled craftsmen and specialists, interior designers make sure your allocated budget is best optimized.

Commercial & Retail Decoration

Interior decorators can provide crucial contribution when redecorating commercial spaces: offices, shops, restaurants, hotels or any other commercial surface open to the public.

> See our commercial decoration portfolio

Interior decoration of a dining room of an apartment

Working with an interior decorator in Paris

First step – Initial interview

  • During this first meeting, the decorator will be able to assess your space and highlight its potential in terms of volumes, layout and furniture choice.
  • An important aspect of this interview is to understand your lifestyle, personal taste and needs. This ensure decorators can tailor their advice for interior decoration and furniture choice.
  • As experts in interior decoration with a proven experience, our decorators are able to provide unexpected and smart advice to enhance and optimize your interior: what is the place of choice for light fittings, what would be the perfect color for your wall, what kind of decoration (curtains, mirrors, rug etc...) and furniture will be the most suited for your space.
  • By the end of the first meeting, the decorator will share a general orientation for the decoration project and will then send you a quote for the execution stage.

Room decoration with antique engraving style wallpaper

Second step – Specifications of your interior decoration project

  • During this phase, the decorator will define the style of your new interior. The decorator will produce mood boards to share concrete examples of her/his original and innovative suggestions. You will then be able to make final decisions.
  • Decorators always give you customised visuals, including 3D sketches, drawings, layout plans, color charts, material samples.
  • The decorator will help you find the perfect new furniture for your space (chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, cupboards, bookshelves...), decoration accessories (curtains, mirrors, rugs, lighting...) or floor/wall coverings (floorboards, tiles, wallpaper, paint...).
  • She/he will be your shopping assistant, by sharing contacts and the best places online to find what you need. If you do not wish to do your shopping on your own, the decorator can assist you for the actual purchase. Preferential rates obtained through a network of decoration shops can be shared.
  • Decorators are able to introduce you to craftsmen (painters, carpenters, upholsterers...), if you need it in the scope of your interior decoration project. These contacts are trusted professional and regular partners of the decorator. Craftsmen can visit your interior in order to evaluate the work to be done to make the most of your space.

Makeover of an apartment living room by a professional decorator in Nîmes

Third step – Follow up with craftsmen, shopping, setting up

  • The interior decorator is your trusted contact to monitor the work of craftsmen and follow up with them throughout the entire execution.
  • You can trust your decorator to handle all orders management and furniture deliveries.
  • The decorator can be your personal shopper while you go shopping for decoration in showrooms and furniture shops. Usually, furniture is selected beforehand according to your taste to make the best use of your time.
  • Once the interior works are done and furniture has been delivered, the decorator can control the results and help you finalize details in a last meeting.

Interior decoration of a room as part of a decorative makeover

Fees for interior decoration services (VAT exclusive)

You are free to work with a decorator for only one step or several. There is no obligation to hire the decorator for more than one step.

First step - initial interview

€80 VAT exclusive / hour (refunded if you decide to move forward to the next step)

Second step – Specifications for your interior decoration project (2) – VAT exclusive

Surface ≤ 60m² €60/m²
Surface between 61 and 120m² €50/m²
surface between 121 and 240m² €40/m²
Surface ≥ 241m² Contact us
Minimum billing €2100

Third step – Monitoring of craftsmen’s work, orders and shopping, project finalisation

Less than €60,000 of works 9% of the works amount
From €60,000 to €120,000 of works 8% of the works amount
More than €120,000 7% of the works amount
Minimum billing €2,100

Example for a full interior decoration mission

For a 40m² apartment, after refunding the initial interview:

Specifications will cost €2,400 (40 x €60).

If the craftsmen’s quotes are €25,000, the cost of the monitoring/follow up stage will be €2,250 (i.e. 9%).

Consequently, the total cost of the full mission (specifications + follow up) will be €4,650.

> Learn more about fees

If you do not wish to engage in works, an interior decorator can simply advise you on a new furniture and decoration layout thanks to the simple and effective interior makeover & decoration coaching service.

Children's bedroom decorated by an interior decorator

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